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Commercial Cleaning
A Clean Deal offers affordable customized  commercial cleaning services for companies within our coverage area. Our personnel now maintain office buildings, dealerships, churchs, and other type facilities. Our personnel are also trained, committed and focused in providing quality services that you expect. We are strict when it comes to building security and your companies existing policies for access procedures. We currently manage a client "Communication Tablet" where all security issues, discovered malfunctions, or possible hazards may be addressed.  We will assist your company in maintaining a "Monthly Cleaning Supply Checklist" if needed. Let us work with you to devise a cleaning frequency to fit your companies needs and budget. Below is a very standard Commercial Checklist we acknowledge in most buildings. Any custom tasks may be disccued during the initial walk-thru. Our Free Estimates are based upon distance, areas to be cleaned, condition, and its location. 
Daily Duties:
Offices, Lounges, Lobbies, Hall Ways, Etc.
  • Mop full area.
  • Vacuum full area.
  • Damp mop hardwood floor.
  • Vacuum all rugs.
  • Dust/Clean/Wipe counter surfaces.
  • Empty & damp wipe ashtrays.
  • Dust all lamps & lampshades.
  • Vacuum all rugs.
  • Dust wall furnishings.
  • Clean any mirrors and frames.
  • Sanitize all telephones.
  • Empty inside/outside trash containers.
  • Clean fingerprints on glass (partitions).
  • Clean and dry polish drinking fountains.
  • Dust/Clean/Wipe counter walls.
  • Dust/Clean front side of desks as needed.
  • Sanitize customer area coffee pot.
  • Clean inside/outside of entrance doors.
  • Sweep inside/outside of entrance access.
  • Clean and vacuum chairs as needed.
  • Arrange reading materials.
  • Dust/Clean/Wipe table surfaces & legs.
  • Restrooms
  • Mop full area.
  • Dust wall furnishings.
  • Trash disposal.
  • Sanitize commodes and seats.
  • Clean/Disinfect all basins.
  • Clean any mirrors and frames.
  • Sanitize wash fountains.
  • Empty & damp wipe ashtrays.
  • Hand towel dispensers are adequate.
  • Soap dispensers are adequate.
  • All dispensers are properly cleaned. 
  • Sanitize sinks, knobs & other bright work.
  • Replace urinal inserts if needed.
  • Tissue paper dispensers are adequate.
  • Remove any splash marks from walls.
  • Kitchen, Break Room
  • Mop full area.
  • Sanitize coffee pot.
  • Wipe down counter surfaces.
  • Clean & vacuum chairs as needed.
  • Clean inside/outside of microwave.
  • Trash disposal.
  • Sanitize any other kitchen appliances.
  • Sanitize sinks, knobs & other bright work.
  • Ensure paper towel dispensers are filled.
  • All dispensers are properly cleaned.
  • Soap dispensers are adequate.

    Weekly Rotational Duties:
  • Dust artificial plants.
  • Sanitize bathroom stall doors.
  • Clean all corners throughout.
  • Dust all vertical surfaces as needed.
  • Sanitize doorknobs.
  • Sanitize door handles & push-plates.
  • Monthly Rotational Duties:
  • Clean inside of door jambs.
  • Clean door framing top to bottom.
  • Clean inside/outside of all doors.
  • Clean light switch covers.
  • Wipe down cabinets and doors.
  • Dust any window blinds.
  • Dust any brick ledges.
  • High unreachable dusting.
  • Wipe dust/smudges from baseboards.
  • Cobweb Patroling. 
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    A Clean Deal will assist in any special tasks needed. All special requested tasks needed will be discussed and paid at such time.
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