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We as a company believe that taking a small second to save family and friends money is important! Even better, getting an honest, dependable, and superb service makes it priceless! Please be sure to tell everyone you know that may be inquiring for the services we offer.
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Unfortunately, living in this unperfected world means accidents and occurrences out of the ordinary may happen. Please know that our customers are always protected against loss or breakage's that may occur while our teams are on your premises. Customer keys are protected in a fire-proof lock box by a client id only. NO personal information will ever be labeled for your security. When your cleaning day arrives, your on-file customer key(s) are obtained from the fireproof lock box and placed in a secure client packet by our corporate office. The packets are then gave only to the trusted superior of the cleaning team responsible to complete your cleaning for that certain day. Key's are then returned by the superior to our main corporate office, which follows by us placing them back into the fireproof lock box for safe keeping. Should we notice that a key(s) has been accidentally lost or damaged, you will be notified at once. We will then proceed to replace your lost or damaged key(s) or install a new lock system at no charge. It's your option!
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