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We now offer Gift Certificates for our cleaning services. That's right! With many asking for gift certificates we decided to add it to our website. Gift certificates can be ordered singly or in groups.
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Gift Certificates
Once trainees pass our thorough screenings, reference checks, and background investigations, they will continue from there towards learning advanced corporate cleaning techniques developed from our professionally proven and collected documentation. Advanced techniques will be taught by the superiors of our company. When trainees have mastered our required level of performance, they then will be ready to clean effectively by giving you, the customer, the demanded cleaning you deserve. Trained superiors are always with any trainees to ensure effective top to bottom cleanings each time before leaving any job. At times we will only send a trained superior only if it's a small cleaning task.
We encourage same team placement when cleaning jobs. Knowing what your importance's are and knowledge of your residence is always a plus in effective cleanings. Things always just seem to flow better!
Although due to unforeseen family emergencies, personal sick leaves, vacations, or other occurrences that are bound to rise, it can affect scheduling from time to time. While we state that we are always dependable, we will not reschedule when these occurrences happen. However, please know that a substitute may show up on those days to help out your normal familiar faces. Inviting unfamiliar people into your home is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make, although we can ensure you that this is not a normal occurrence on every cleaning scheduled.
When cleaning teams appear at your residence, you will see teams consisting of one to three cleaning members. We provide all the cleaning equipment and supplies for the tasks at hand. Our teams are taught to give you the "Guaranteed" job you have asked for. We are always constantly improving our cleaning procedures weekly so that will always be a big plus for you and your family. Although, should you have a specific request (I.E. in home vacuuming system you wish us to use, certain scents that bother you, etc.) our teams will then modify their normal cleaning structure to meet your individual requests.
We would like to voice the fact that if you decide to be gone while our cleaning teams are there or that you are at work when they arrive, we will need to make arrangements to enter your premises. Most supply us with a key to their residence. Please know that we will always accommodate your preference whatever you may decide.
Our cleaning teams love personal pets. Although, at the same time, we do not wish to be harmed by over-protective or vicious ones. Please introduce your pet(s) to our cleaning teams so no hardship could possibly occur. If you personally feel that your pet(s) is extremely protective of you and your belongings, we would like to take this time to politely ask you to secure your pet(s) while our cleaning teams are on your premises. All cleaning products & supplies used are 100% safe for your family and pets!
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